divas-5k_2014Custom designed tutu skirts for any season and any reason. Fun, festive, funky or fabulous creations for all occasions, handcrafted with glam in mind. Tutus are more than just cute little skirts. Glamming it up in a tutu makes people feel joyful and look fabulous. They evoke fun childhood memories and instant smiles. What can we create for you?

An artist at heart, Habiba sees each tutu as a work of art and is endlessly exploring different “glam factors” to make each one unique. Using only premium tulle and incorporating exciting colors, with extras such as ribbons, flowers, sparkle and more, Tutu Glam truly will make whatever you do, more fun in a tutu!

Please check out our product offerings for our signature collection, or if you have a theme in mind, let us know so we can make a custom tutu for you.

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