Tutu Care Guide

There are few costume choices that are more fun than a tutu. With proper care, you can extend the life of your tutu skirt to enjoy over and over again.

Avoid crushing. Tulle likes air and space. When not in use, place it on a hanger or over the back of a chair. When ready to wear, hold it by the waistband and fluff by gently shaking it back and forth, up and down.

Tulle is soft, delicate and tends to crumple with use. If your tutu becomes matted, here are a few different techniques to straighten it out:

  • Smooth it by finger combing the panels from the inside layers out and from the waistband to the hem.
  • Use a clothing steamer using an up and down wand motion.
  • Hang in the bathroom while showering and allow steam to smooth it.
  • Spray with a water bottle and hang it by the waistband to dry.
  • Trim any frayed edges with sharp scissors when dry.

Hand wash only. Do not wring. Do not iron. Here are a couple of cleaning options:

  • Spot clean with mild soap and water, rinse, straighten, hang by the waistband band and let dry.
  • Hold by the waistband and run directly under cold water fully saturating the tulle. Avoid bunching or matting the material while washing. Hang by the waistband and drip dry.

Static Cling
Prevent and reduce static cling by trying one of these methods:

  • Lightly rub each strip of tulle with a fabric softener sheet.
  • Spray with an anti-static remedy like Static Guard.

When packing, try to avoid crushing your tutu. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, hold it by the waistband, fluff, pull the ribbons to the surface, and hang.

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